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Runes and Red Sails

queenmaker, book one

Aelfhild never liked politics. Or knives—and the two often go together in the royal court of Earnfold. But she carved out a quiet life for herself in serving the king’s daughter. It only took two days for that life to fall apart.

First, the king died. Then came assassins with swords and fire, looking for her mistress’ head.

Now Aelfhild is on the run with the kingdom’s rightful heir, and she cannot help but wonder which of the Gods she so greatly offended. Driven to the far, icy reaches of the world, the pair will contend with bloodthirsty raiders, slavers and scheming jarls, sky-splitting storms and beasts drawn from darkest legend.

Aelfhild’s world is reduced to one task: keep the would-be queen alive. It is a task that will require every last bit of her wits, her courage, and her strength. She may even have to learn how to handle a blade along the way.

Fate willing, they both might make it through this.

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Cover art by Damonza